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The Pre-Dental EFDA Program is our breakthrough course created specifically for Pre-Dental students. Our accelerated 10 week program is designed to give you a front row seat to your future in Dentistry with an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) and Intraoral Radiography Certifications.


This provides you 3 distinct benefits:

  1. You will learn an amazing amount of dentistry, and you will develop hand skills that will give you a tremendous advantage in dental school – making you better prepared to succeed at the next level.
  2. You will be practicing real-world chair-side dentistry, getting your hands ‘wet’ and developing meaningful experiences to discuss in interviews and personal statements.
  3. And very importantly, you will confirm that Dentistry is your true calling. Or not. And if so, you will spare yourself the investment of time and money that you’re planning on.


As an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant you’ll become a key member of any dental team.


Our Expanded Functions Dental Assisting program is desigend for pre-dental students, to provide real world, meaningful chairside experiences and help you become a stronger applicant to Dental School. Now, you can truly be hands-on in the dental office and be an integral part of the patient care team, doing real world dentistry.

Key Features of our Pre-Dental EFDA Program


Didactic and hands-on clinical sessions where you will gain the knowledge and training to gain your EFDA Certification


Sessions focused on radiology theory, safety and taking dental radiographical records to earn your Dental Radiology Certification


40 hours of chair-side, “wet glove” clinical experience with Dr. Semidey in his full-service dental practice


Hands-on and small group sessions covering topics from ‘How to Give Injections’ to ‘How to Ace Your Interviews’

Slide The DMDbound Edge Meaningful LOR After completing the AIDA Pre-Dental EFDA Program, you will be working side by side with a Dentist as an EFDA. It is during this time, working together as a team, that you will build meaningful bonds with the Dentist. This will open the door to earn valuable mentorship and personal, meaningful letters of recommendation Professional Reward As an EFDA within the office, you will have the ability to grow true relationships with patients. Providing rewarding experiences that you will draw from in your application process, from writing your personal statement to your admission interviews. And truly engage your passion for dentistry! Clinical Immersion The program also provides you with 40 hours of chair side clinical experience working side by side your classroom instructors on real life patients. To allow you to put into practice what you learned and let you be a part of a working dental team in a real world setting.

Class Schedule

Classes are held on consecutive Saturdays from 8am-2pm. The program is designed to maximize clinical hands-on time, so the curriculum is built on high expectations for self directed didactic learning. Students are responsible for reading required chapters before that weeks class, to be ready for participation in lecture and the clinical skills development.

The curriculum covers not just the fundamentals of Dental Assisting, like making impressions, chair-side assisting, and taking digital X-ray’s, but also Intraoral photography, creating beautiful temporary restorations and 3D scanning. These skills won’t only make you a stand out Dental Assistant, but are selected to give you a leg up in Dental School!

Our program is unique in its focus on additional course sessions tailored to students preparing to apply to Dental School. ‘Pro tip’ sessions will teach you how to be an asset in the dental office, how to interview well and how to write great personal statements. Plus you will learn how to give a great injection, how to use the diode laser, and conducting a comprehensive new patient exam.

Click on the tabs to see a full breakdown of each weeks classes.

  • Orientation and fundamentals of the operatory
  • Intro to Oral Anatomy
  • Learn to Screen for Oral Cancer
  • Anesthesia/Injection
  • Instruments & Handpieces
  • Infection Prevention & Disease Transmission
  • Sterilization Techniques and Instrument Processing
  • The New Patient Experience
  • Microbiology
  • Decay Progression
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Retraction Cord Placement
  • Direct v Indirect Restorative Dentistry
  • Impression Setup and Materials
  • Communicating with Dental Labs
  • Taking Impressions
  • Digital Radiology
  • Intraoral Photography
  • Esthetic Dentistry and Smile Design
  • TMJ and Occlusion
  • Temporary Fabrication and Placement
  • Isolation for Restorative
  • Crown Polishing
  • Sealant Placement
  • Oral Surgery
  • Suture Setup, Placement and Removal
  • Implants and Socket Preservation
  • Whitening Protocol
  • Custom Tray Fabrication
  • Periodontal Management and Gingival Health
  • Diode Laser
  • 3D Scanning
  • Competencies and Fine Tuning of Hand Skills
  • Cumulative Final
  • Q&A Session

Injection Lab
Learn to give injections, just like you do in dental school, on day 1. You'll load and use a real dental syringe.
Whitening Lab
Practice dental-lab hand skills by making yourself a set of custom whitening trays to take home. .
Diode Lasers
Learn to use the most common laser in dentistry - the same way dentists 'play' with them at dental conventions!
Intraoral Scanning
Digital dentistry for restorations and Invisalign
3D Xrays
Learn to read CBCT scans for implant planning

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Alex Semidey Clinical Director Dr. Semidey earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Florida in 2010. Go Gators! Since 2011 he has owned a successful private dental practice with a special focus on education and prevention.
Once you meet Dr. Semidey, it's clear he has a passion for developing his team and the next generation of Dentists.
Connie Valdez CDA | Externship Director Connie has been a Certified Dental Assistant with over twenty years of experience working as a head assistant in private dental practices providing restorative, surgical and implant dentistry. She always says, “every day I learn something new, and every day I love it more!”. Sara Tarte EFDA | Clinical Instructor Sara has over 5 years of experience with chairside assisting in private practice. Working with periodontal, surgical and implant procedures. She is currently a Dental Student at UF College of Dentistry.

Your Classroom



AIDA classes and hands on sessions are conducted in real working operatories, that means you’ll train in fully equipped ops with dental delivery units and televisions or monitors to facilitate education and technique review.



Dental Laboratory is where you will learn to pour and trim dental models and fabricate custom dental appliances.



Classrooms are equipped with a large televisions for didactic presentations along with dry erase boards and ample workspace for students to take notes during lectures.

apply today! Only 4 seats available per session

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This includes:
Registration fee
Books & supplies
Custom embroidered scrubs
Take home suturing kit
Post COVID PPE for clinical internship
and ALL classroom materials!
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Slide How to reach us
(954) 743-4141
4800 SW 64 Ave, Suite 101
33314 Davie
This program is licensed and approved by
the Florida Board of Dentistry and the
Florida Department of Education.
Springboard Scholarship Pre-Dental EFDA Program
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